Hrsh’s ‘He Really Should Hide’ EP Broadens The Chicago MC’s Spectrum


    Chicago has long been home to artists that transcend classification, breaking the barrier of what’s considered Hip Hop.

    Hrsh has been on the grind for a while now putting his teenage rap star dreams in motion. Using the momentum he garnered over past releases, Hrsh recently delivered a brand new EP He Really Should Hide which we believe will slowly start to turn more than the heads of fellow Chicagoans.

    At 7-tracks in length, Hrsh causally came through on this one and dropped gems throughout the entire track list, leaving a strong impression on not only me but the rest of his many listeners. Having spent time refining his sound, the production on this tape was extremely consistent all the way through, and Hrsh took advantage of that as he picked the pockets of each of the provided beats perfectly. At face value, the tape is a collection of bangers that any listener can rock with, but further, it’s a captivating account of the life that the rising star has lived to tell the tale. Check out the full EP down below.