Huey Briss Seizes The Moment on “Flowers Before the Grave”

    Why do most artists have to tragically pass away before receiving their flowers for their contributions to music? It’s better to give someone their flowers while they still can smell them instead of bringing them to a funeral. I’m going to avoid repeating that same mistake, which is why I will recognize the talent of Long Beach, California rapper Huey Briss. He made a strong first impression in 2021 with Grace Park Legend, and now, he follows up two years later with the thoughtful and heartfelt Flowers Before The Grave. The fact that he has a co-sign from the legendary Warren G himself should tell you everything you need to know about his artistry.

    If there were any doubts that Huey Briss wasn’t capable, they’ve surely been put to rest with the release of his new album. Flowers Before The Grave recaptures the magic and overall swagger that we know and love from Cali rappers. Warren G and the rest of the older generation can sleep peacefully at night, knowing that artists like Huey Briss are carrying the torch for the next generation.

    With a tracklist of 15 songs and a 27-minute runtime, this album has enough material to feel out what kind of artist Briss is. Simply put, he’s the type of artist that is as real as they come, and we get to see it in full effect on this album. Starting from the intro, “God Vision,” you can already peep that Briss is oozing with confidence based on how he breezes through his verse. The swagger this guy carries over calm production is unparalleled by anyone else.

    I admire Huey Briss for demonstrating restraint in not including unnecessary features in this project. It’s hard to envision listening to a contemplative song like “Avirex Leather” and hearing another artist attempting to show off and interrupt the flow. It requires a specific kind of self-control to make a decision like that. Considering everything that occurred during the creation of this project, I find it difficult to understand why it wouldn’t be in everyone’s top five. There’s an abundance of exceptional material that cannot be overlooked.

    With that being said, it’s crucial to acknowledge that Huey Briss is creating something extraordinary, which shouldn’t be missed. Be sure to stream Flowers Before The Grave on Spotify below.


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