Igwe Aka Is At His Most Dynamic on ‘iCarly’

    The new single is accompanied by an equally stunning music video.

    Nigerian-born, Sacramento-based artist Igwe Aka has been an SL favorite for a while now. With a unique sound ranging from Hip Hop, Reggae, and Soul all blended with his African influences, his chorus-inspired melodies can be heard across his entire discography. Each new release from Igwe Aka further elevates his ongoing progression. His latest offering iCarly features production from ItsUgo and falls in line with what we’re used to hearing from the budding star. “On this song, the research happened to drive us to the goal of creating a true African American experience. Something that Africans can listen to and love, and Americans can consume easily and love,” he said to us via email about the record.

    Alongside the track, Aka also shared the stunning Bella Valentini-directed visuals to help bring the song to life. “I really wanted to make a video that honestly added more context to the lyrics and I feel like that’s really what we executed,” Aka shared about the video. Throughout the visual offering, Aka’s lively on-camera presence takes center stage in a way that alludes to his artistry perfectly. Various camera transitions and eye-catching scenes bring a much-needed element to the video.

    Continuing to focus on cultivating his artistic identity with each release, Igwe Aka’s clear talent, storied direction, and seemingly boundless artistic ability continue to play in his favor, making him an artist who will be talked about for a long time. Check out the new video up above and stream the single down below via Spotify.


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