Igwe Aka Returns With His New Single “Magic”

    Nigerian-born, Sacramento-based artist Igwe Aka is back in the spotlight with his new single, “Magic.” Following the success of his previous single, “Tony On the Radio,” this track marks his first release of 2023. Produced by the talented Mike Irish and expertly mixed by his frequent collaborator, Steeziak, “Magic” promises to be a captivating addition to Aka’s growing discography.

    “Magic” serves as a window into Aka’s vision of the perfect day. With its hard-hitting beat and Aka’s impeccable flow, the track showcases his unwavering confidence as he steps into the year’s final quarter. Although the song is on the shorter end, “Magic” doesn’t require much of you to enjoy it. It’s playful, a sonic ease, perfectly pairing with lyrics that spill all over.

    With the accompanying music video slated to drop on October 3rd, Igwe Aka’s electric energy and attention-grabbing sound is a layer of introspection often lacking in today’s musical soundscape. He’s a lawless pioneer, creating emotion-driven music with an unbreakable backbone. “Magic” is an electrifying example of his artistic fortitude.

    Listen to “Magic” below.


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