Igwe Aka Sets Forth a New Wave of Eclectic Authenticity With Camilla Covington-Assisted “Off Brand”

    Nigerian-born, Northern California-based artist Igwe Aka has been making a name for himself over the past few years with his electrified flow and clever wordplay that has driven his popular singles like “Not The Hills” and “Don’t Need A Soul.” His music often transforms difficult events and emotions into moments of strength, showcasing a refreshing personal vulnerability. Throughout all his releases, Igwe Aka has shown he is just as comfortable wearing his heart on his sleeve as he is writing hard-hitting anthems. His sound is sure to impress listeners looking for a different hip-hop flavor than the mainstream sound.

    Igwe Aka has adamantly focused on cultivating his artistic identity since his musical inception. His latest Camilla Covington-assisted song, “Off Brand,” continues his evolution as an artist. It effortlessly delivers an essence so sonically unique, authentic, and catchy in practice. Although the track is far from being a premeditated banger, this record is a stream of consciousness based on failed and expired relationships. Throughout the track, Camilla’s combination of her ever-harmonious vocal cadence and soulful lyricism melt together like warm butter on toast.

    The source of unadulterated inspiration behind this latest track? In his own words, Igwe Aka drew his artistry from what he was feeling at the moment. “I played the beat, put the headphones on, thought about the gang. I think about the gang. I make music for the people around me,” he stated.

    Check out the new single below.


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