LA-Based Collective Illusion Hills Makes Their Swidlife Debut With High-Octane Record ‘genesis’

    Keeping the West-Coast connection alive, they enlisted help from Buppy.

    Do you really know what adversity feels like if you don’t have a comeback story? If you never had to square your shoulders and pick yourself up from hard times, there’s a chance you haven’t really peaked yet in life. “This song is the equivalent of pushing your body up onto your hands after you’ve fallen. It’s the first step in the right direction when you’ve lost a piece of yourself.” Group member, mj Perfectly summing what this song ‘genesis’ is about. Illusion Hills is making their name known with a new single that feels like the theme song of redemption.

    Made up of 8-friends, who initially met through sports and school, they brought all of their individual talents together to form a dynamic collective. Keeping the West-Coast connection alive, they enlisted help from Utah-native Buppy. This soft-indie hit feels like a marathon while listening, and not in a bad way. It takes you on a journey. But it takes you on their journey and the result of them putting a stop to their internal suffering. 

    Illusion Hills seem like an undiscovered treasure that hasn’t been found yet. If they continue to create genre-bending music that pushes the envelope and has an uplifting message and positive effect on our spirit, they could see a brighter future than most. If you’ve been looking for a group that could have a similar impact/trajectory to BROCKHAMPTON, then look no further than Illusion Hills.

    Check out the single below via Spotify and head over here for wherever you get your music.


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