Interview: Isaiah Flowers Discusses New Album ‘ADGTH’ and Navigating the Music World as a Newcomer

    South TX-based artist Isaiah Flowers has been firmly on the ascent, largely thanks to a slew of singles he’s released this year. Flowers was in no rush to release his new album, which took two years to complete. “ADGTH” is Flowers’s first body of work since his 2019 debut album, “Take Me Back.” The sophomore outing arrives as a poignant 10-track bout of self-expression and exploration. While “Take Me Back” was Flowers getting his feet wet with music, “ADGTH” takes Flowers and his cohort’s fondness with impressive songwriting and transforms them into a world unto itself.

    We had the chance to catch up with Isaiah Flowers to learn about his musical influences, navigating the music world as a newcomer, and a breakdown of his new album, “ADGTH.” Check out the interview down below.

    For those who are unfamiliar, who are you?

    My name is Isaiah Flowers, and I am a 22-year-old South TX-based artist pursuing a dream I want to make a reality. I grew up listening to Akon and Metallica a lot due to my pops and my big brother. My brother had a significant influence on my life and put me on what was hot and cool. He’s a big reason why I started to do this music stuff.

    How would you describe your sound for people that haven’t heard of you, and what artists have influenced it?

    My genre would be alternative-pop or pop in general, but I don’t want to settle on a label. I want to be able to do something different every album. Make endless sounds and other possibilities on what route me and my team move in. The artists that inspire my sound would be Kevin Abstract/Brockhampton, The Strokes, and Gambino.

    How would you say that your hometown of South TX has influenced the music you create?

    I was always hesitant to make music due to worrying about what other people were going to think, but when I saw the scene that was going down here, it pushed me to release songs and be friends with the people that are part of the scene.

    Let’s turn our attention to the new album for a bit. How long has “ADGTH” been in the making?

    It’s been around two years. We were going to drop in 2020, but the virus paused the album. We made a couple of other songs during the lockdown and dropped some singles, but within time, we went back to the album and went crazier. I think it was a good thing we had a break from it. It wouldn’t have been as unique as it is now.

    What was the creative process behind the album? How did it come together?

    The creative process for me is storytelling. Brotherhood, heartbreak, and modesty were keywords for the album on how I felt about what I needed to talk about. My friend/producer Joel helps me pick these stories up and create sounds on what feels good or right. This album has so many moments that can put yourself in a movie in your thoughts, and I think it’s so tight because I feel like it’s all working.

    From those elements alone, the album sounds incredibly personal. Has it been therapeutic translating past experiences into music?

    Huge weight off my shoulders. It feels great to have it out, especially when people can relate. It’s kind of weird when my family is listening to it, though, and hearing me be all sad and stuff [laughs.]

    How does it feel to release such personal moments into the world?

    Feels safe. Especially when I have a team listening to the music and seeing me opening up about what is going on with me and for the world to hear, it only makes me more vital to be who I am and how I feel.

    How different or similar are the songs on “ADGTH” compared to your last project Take Me Back? How have you grown since then?

    ADGTH” is more personal compared to “Take Me Back.” This is more of a “me” album. I felt like this was my getaway, leaving it all in the music. There are certain features on what, “Isaiah flowers” sounds like in “ADGTH” from “Take Me Back,” like structure and sounds but overall, it’s a different feel.

    What would you say is the most important thing you’ve learned about yourself as an artist while working on this album?

    That I can do this, I can make this dream come true.

    Your music videos are always so visually appealing. Do you feel you need visuals to better enhance your stories and experiences?

    In my perspective, yes, it’s a good push for a song, but I love doing visuals for my songs. It’s so fun working with friends and making extraordinary moments. It brings out how I pictured the song would look.

    When do you feel most satisfied as an artist?

    People are showing love, man. I love it. It makes me feel like an actual artist doing it. I can never get enough of it, and what makes it extraordinary is that I’m doing it for them, too.

    What would you say your biggest strength as an artist is and that you showcased on this album?

    I haven’t figured that out yet. I’m still learning and finding my potential. I’d love to get back to that answer later in the future. Just gotta’ hear the album and let the people figure that out. I’m growing every time I’m in the studio.

    What do you hope people take away from the album?

    It’s okay to be who you are. Love yourself, learn from your mistakes, and forgive.


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