ISHMAEL Shares Energetic New Single, ‘Problems’

    Rochester artist ISHMAEL is slowly becoming one of those artists to keep an eye on as the year goes on. Looking to further add to his status, he returns with his new single, Problems. Uniquely personal in his music, ISHMAEL blends multiple genres displaying a wide range of sounds bringing something new each time.

    As ISHMAEL continues to build upon the foundations he has established and continues to define his sound, this new single is the perfect introduction if you’re currently unfamiliar. We had the chance to briefly chat with ISHMAEL about the new release. Check it out down below alongside the video.

    How did the record come together?

    I was so pissed off about something that day and I wanted to make a song that felt like a punch in the face [laughs], like a “y’all can’t touch me” record. So I tried to make the most obnoxious big ego-sounding beat ever. Like “what would a big fight scene in a movie sound like,” you know? From there, I kept that same energy in the lyrics, and Problems was born.

    That energy can definitely be felt on the record. The video is just as crazy. What was it like working on that?

    It was crazy. I wrote the treatment almost immediately when the song was done so to actually see the sets come to life, cast my homies for the roles, and watching playback was a dream come true. My bro itenji co-directed it with me and we had a lot of Rochester guys on the crew so it was special.


    Between working on the song, producing, and the video treatment, it seems like you have full creative control. How do you maintain that consistency?

    It gets difficult for sure. But at the end of the day, I always think if I don’t put in the effort no one else will, you know? Hella grateful to have homies I can bounce ideas off of though.

    Lastly, will this new release appear on a larger body of work?

    Yessir! Don’t wanna drop the name yet because it’s a work in progress.


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