J-Hop Champions Self-Belief on His New Album ‘Black Onyx’

    St. Louis artist J-Hop returns to his roots with his new album Black Onyx. At 12-songs in length, the album spans 31 minutes in streaming and is carefully crafted with tidbits of real-life details and poetic liberties in a way that showcases J-Hop’s elite pen.  

    J-Hop shared about the new album: “The album is the start of my new life. Moving from St. Louis to Chicago and going all-in with the music. My team had been developing a sound for a while, and I just felt like we were in a position where a full project finally made sense.”

    In its entirety, the impactful album represents J-Hop’s life as a photo album. With features from Sherren Olivia, Big Neph, Femdot, Ro Marsalis, WhoIsCrisJay, and Mansaeh, the album kicks off with Rare Form, a lyrical introduction track that sets the tone as you make your way down the rest of the album. J-Hop’s wisdom and inspiration helped carry the body of work while keeping those that motivate him close by. “It was easier to stay inspired when you’re constantly in those spaces with other creatives. Feeding off each other’s energy kept me in project mode,” he shared. J-Hop keeps his consistency throughout. His straightforward lyricism on tracks like Recipe and Show LOVE displays another side of J-Hop’s artistry.

    An undeniable master of his craft, J-Hop’s music doesn’t need to be sold to you. It comes across organically built atop sturdy instrumentation and relatable lyrical content. Despite it being the very early stages of his career, J-Hop makes an unforgettable impression that leaves us wanting more. Check out the new album down below via Spotify and head over here for your preferred streaming service.


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