Jade Diamonds Gears up for New Album With “Jade’s Diary, Vol. 2”

    Nowadays, music sampling appears to be more prevalent than ever, with many beloved songs featuring distinctive samples. The practice of sampling has contributed to the progression of music. Jade Diamonds, hailing from New Jersey, demonstrates this by releasing his EP, “Jade’s Diary, Vol. 2,” which incorporates a plethora of traditional Japanese music samples. This project promises to be an enjoyable experience for any music enthusiast.

    The EP is filled with various tracks, such as “Ride Da Boat” and “Cat N’ Mouse,” that have a distinct Japanese samurai movie vibe. Jade Diamonds showcases his impressive rap abilities on these tracks with lyrics about his readiness for confrontation and even threatening to steal someone’s significant other. The EP’s standout track, “Witch Hunter,” features a menacing beat and lyrics that highlight Jade Diamonds’ rapping ability.

    During the discussion with Jade Diamonds about the EP’s creation, he clarified that his prior releases, “Jade’s Diary, Vol. 1” and “Vol. 2,” served as a precursor to his debut album, “Infinite Diary.” According to Diamonds, “This EP is the second installment of my Diary series, which leads up to my forthcoming album “Infinite Diary.” Through this EP, I can demonstrate my musical versatility by incorporating sound themes that won’t be featured in my album while generating momentum for its release.” In regards to the EP’s sampled sounds, Jade Diamonds revealed that “Vol. 1” drew inspiration from Japanese soul records that revolved around love, while “Vol. 2″ incorporated traditional Japanese music commonly associated with samurai and horror films.” These sounds are notably present throughout the album, particularly in tracks like “With Hunter” and “Didn’t Ask,” which reflect Japanese horror film influences.

    With “Jade’s Diary, Vol. 2,” Jade Diamonds sets the stage for his upcoming debut album, “Infinite Diary.” His innovative approach to sampling and lyricism promises to create a unique and exciting musical experience for listeners. The EP’s incorporation of samurai and horror film sounds creates a distinct and unforgettable vibe that sets it apart from other rap albums. Jade Diamonds’ ability to use these sounds to evoke different emotions within his audience is a true testament to his talent.

    Listen below on Spotify.


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