Jalen Mcluvin’s Debut Album “$EN$ATIONAL” Is a Fusion of R&B Sounds

    LA-based Jalen Mcluvin is an artist who cannot be confined within boundaries. His unique musical style and captivating voice manifest in each of his songs, allowing him to explore an extensive range of soundscapes. Mcluvin effortlessly transitions between genres, showcasing his versatility by seamlessly blending alternative R&B slow jams with electrifying house anthems and creating music that resonates with listeners.

    In April 2022, the budding artist introduced the world to his debut EP, LUVtracks, a three-track offering that was shortly followed by the captivating SIDE B. The release of SIDE B marked a significant milestone in Mcluvin’s musical journey, igniting the passion of his fan base. This project showcased his remarkable growth and evolution as an artist. Tracks like “B0DY (G0LD CHAINZ)” demonstrated his ability to create sensuous melodies, while on the other hand, “ERRYTHING” revealed his willingness to shower his love interests with affection.

    Jalen Mcluvin’s 2023 debut project, $EN$ATIONAL, is a magnificent showcase of his versatility within the R&B landscape. At ten tracks, the album takes listeners on a thrilling rollercoaster ride through various musical styles, incorporating Funk, melodic Rap, alternative R&B, and Jazz elements. Collaborating with talented producers such as ELI, Anderson Co., Marshy, and STONEY, Mcluvin weaves a captivating sonic world that keeps you yearning for more throughout the 30-minute runtime of the project.

    Jalen Mcluvin’s music transcends boundaries, blending various genres and creating a unique sonic experience. With his mesmerizing voice and fearless exploration of different soundscapes, he continues to captivate listeners and build his ever-growing fan base. In its entirety, $EN$ATIONAL serves as a testament to his artistry, leaving listeners craving more.

    Listen to $EN$ATIONAL below.


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