James Boston Reemerges With New Single “1 of 1”

    James Boston, a self-reliant artist hailing from Bakersfield, California, has consistently demonstrated growth and improvement throughout his career. He introduced his initial two projects in 2013 and 2015, followed by his third endeavor, Thanks for the Motivation, in 2018, notably featuring Rockie Fresh, an artist from Chicago. Later that year, Boston unveiled his 4-track EP, Work Don’t Stop, exclusively produced by Doctor, showcasing his willingness to explore new territories. In 2020, he ventured even further outside his comfort zone by self-producing the beats for his project, Thanks for the Heartbreak. These endeavors paved the way for the release of his highly anticipated debut album, Better Memories, in the previous year. The album included collaborations with Rockie Fresh, NO1-NOAH, Dizzy Wright, and KUR.

    Keeping the momentum rolling following his 2022 debut album, James Boston returns with his first single of the year, “1 of 1.” Inspired by the infectious summer vibe of Vince Staple’s hit track, “AYE! (FREE THE HOMIES),” James Boston aimed to recreate that same energy in his latest release. This song holds a special place in his heart as it marks his first release of 2023, and he wanted to craft something smooth and exciting for those who have been tapped in with him since the beginning.

    “1 of 1” cover art

    After taking some time off to live life and reflect on his musical journey, “1 of 1” truly encapsulates his artistic vision and personal growth. “This song is about letting people know that my journey with music hasn’t been the easiest, but I’ll never stop going for what I believe in, and I hope it can inspire others to go for whatever they want in life regardless of what anyone else thinks,” he shared. “1 of 1” serves as a testament to James Boston’s unwavering confidence in his musical abilities and his determination to make a lasting impact with his music. 

    Listen to “1 of 1” below.


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