JAWNZA Reveals a Multi-Genre Knack on His New Single ‘up!’

    Tampa, FL native JAWNZA is constantly focused on leveling up. Coming off the release of his last single, Downtime, the budding artist shares his new single/video, up!. With production from Jason Reid, Vin D’Amato and Josh Beiley, JAWNZA continues to cement his sound more and more with every new release.

    With the ability to hop on a jubilating instrumental that features upbeat, rhythmic drums, JAWNZA reveals a multi-genre knack that has us looking forward to his forthcoming project, Notice of Demolition. Directed by Jason Reid and Milena Costanza, and edited by Kyle Snider, the song’s theme of fueling one’s ego is brought to life as JAWNZA finds himself disassociating to the point where he doesn’t care if he’s making self-sabotaging decisions. With a slew of releases under his belt now, JAWNZA has a great feel for his own sound and the path he is carving out for himself is evidence of how dedicated he is. Check out the new single down below.


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