Jay Glavany Holds Nothing Back on New EP ‘Look What You’ve Done’

    Toronto native Jay Glavany has been producing and writing songs about his journey for years. As a Cameroonian-Canadian, Jay’s creative influences span the globe, and he continues to draw inspiration from music past, present, and future. At a brief length of thirteen minutes, his latest EP, ‘Look What You’ve Done‘ plays to his strengths nicely while still leaving room for his artistic growth. Covering topics such as relationships with women, love, lust, and everything in between, Jay’s music has the ability to make listeners think back to a specific moment or see an alternate reality. “I was able to remain soulful with my vocals and create an abstract world of my own full of reflection, happiness, and sorrow,” he told us in an email about the EP. “It also felt like a dream that absorbs you and keeps you in. That’s what this project feels like. When it finishes, it brings you right back to the beginning,’ he added.

    With consistent production throughout, standout songs like ‘Good Things‘ and ‘Already Lost‘ find Jay pouring his heart as his impressive vocals take the stage. The EP is flavored with lush instrumentation in a way that compliments Jay’s impressive songwriting. ‘Look What You’ve Done‘ serves as a tasty entrée to what listeners can expect to hear from Jay Glavany in the future. In terms of what he wants listeners to take away from the EP, Jay said:

    “The title, “Look What You’ve Done” is not solely to reflect on what you’ve been through, but more about how great you become after you went through those battles. With this EP, I want to encourage people to tap into their inner-self.”

    Stream ‘Look What You’ve Done,’ below.


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