Jaywop’s “Sew It Seams” Displays Refreshing Artistry & Vast Potential

    Jaywop is back, but this time to deliver his new EP Sew It Seams. Following the release of his LP Corduroywhich garnered considerable attention and anticipation from his growing fandom, the new EP ties the bow on what is to become a trilogy of works alongside its predecessors Suede and Corduroy. 

    At 5-tracks in length, Sew It Seams showcases his versatility and artistry on the highest scale. The EP consists of features from Dave B., Shayhan, Joi Liaye, and hometown friends PK tha Poet and Dougie Drew from his Junior Varsity collective. Jaywop formed a multi-genre supporting cast that properly pieces the EP together. Production on the project meshes up-and-coming producers from Tedd Boyd, 8een, Kirti Pandey, Gianni, and Reminiss.

    “Sew It Seams” cover art shot by Ronnie Cozzolino

    “‘Sew It Seams’ is the close to the chapter that has arguably done the most for me. Initially, there was no series, there was no second or third project to follow ‘Suede‘. But people would formulate their own ideas of what was coming next, and that’s when I knew I was on to something special. So what better way to commemorate the two bodies of work than giving it a third to sew the fabric together?” — Jaywop

    Jaywop seems to be a showman in all the best ways. Knowing his strengths, he uses them to their full effect and works to make a unique, personal work of art with each new offering. With an electric and eccentric sound that unveils itself with each new release, Jaywop continues to build off the success he has garnered with his previous work. Before the release of Suede in 2021, Jaywop had a small and primarily local audience. By the drop of Corduroy in early 2022, the momentum was undeniable. 

    Sew It Seams is a testament to Jaywop’s ability to create outside the boundaries of hip-hop while remaining firmly planted in its founding principles. The impressive nature of this rising artist’s creativity becomes even more jaw-dropping with each new release, and the trilogy’s close continues to elevate the sonic path of the previous two releases. On Corduroy, Jaywop was providing lyrical insight into the steadfast mental resoluteness needed to brace the cold winters that come along with being a rising artist. Sew It Seams has a hopefulness of a man who has weathered the storm.


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