JB Gets Vulnerable on His Impressive New Album “Behind The Veil”

    Philadelphia-based rapper/producer JB is known for infusing his lyrics with passion and authenticity. Following his previous album Late Night Sessions, JB has returned with his highly anticipated 11-track album, Behind The Veil. This latest offering showcases JB’s unwavering commitment to his craft as he delves into personal experiences and introspective thoughts to create an emotionally intelligent project.

    His journey in creating Behind The Veil was deeply influenced by the challenges he faced in his personal life. Dealing with continuous losses and the weight of his inner thoughts, JB found solace and expression through his music. The album became an outlet for him to vent his emotions, resulting in a collection of raw, vulnerable, and emotionally charged songs. Each track on the album holds profound significance for JB, as they convey his concise yet powerful message.

    The album’s poignant tracklist uniquely blends captivating production and thought-provoking lyrics. JB’s dedication to his craft shines through each song as he masterfully crafts concise and impactful verses. With an unmatched level of vulnerability on tracks like “Messages I Never Sent” and “Pieces of Me,” JB delivers his most emotionally charged performances, showcasing his growth as a rapper with his most impressive lyricism to date.

    Listen to  Behind The Veil below.


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