Massachusetts Artist Jiles Crafts A Captivating Debut Project With “Fuck Jiles”


    Making his debut on our page today Massachusetts-based artist Jiles delivers his brand new project “Fuck Jiles.” At 11-tracks in length, the body of work spans 28 minutes in streaming.

    With only a couple features from Lord Felix and Starsky Go Dumb, Jiles most endearing quality on this debut is his focus shedding light on the often dark realities of street life, opposed to glamorizing it. Records like “Kids” and “Big Homie” exemplifies the project’s underlining sound.

    Throughout the body of work, among the “turnt” fare, there remains this level of humanity and depth which captures Jiles sound perfectly. With a debut as powerful as this one, the Massachusetts artist looks to catapult himself into the limelight. Stream the new project down below.