Joda Kgosi Enlists Tyson Sybateli For the Sultry “Don’t Leave Me”

    With a versatility that allows her to swing from singing to rapping in just a few bars, Joda Kgosi’s latest offering, “Don’t Leave Me,” displays her tranquilizing tone that captivates listeners.

    Produced by frequent collaborator NOTBENJAMIN, “Don’t Leave Me” features Tyson Sybateli and is a bit of a toxic record where someone is begging their partner not to leave them even though they may have done something hurtful. When she delivers the line, “I’ll wait for you to heal in the relationship,” It shows that she is willing to do anything to make things work between her and her partner, even if it means struggling to build their trust from the ground up.

    The vibrant R&B/Soul record follows Joda Kgosi’s performance at the 2022 SAMA Awards (South African Music Awards), where her debut EP Sour Milk was nominated for Best R&B Album. Stream the new single below.


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