Johan Lenox Continues to Build Momentum With RMR-Assisted ‘No One Gets Me’

    Taken from his upcoming album "WDYWTBWYGU"

    With his new album WDYWTBWYGU (What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up) slated to release March 11th, Johan Lenox connects with RMR for his latest single, “No One Gets Me.” The single is accompanied by a stunning Brian Niles-directed video that adds another element to an already-fire track allowing Lenox to showcase his stunning vocals in the vibrant visuals. As he quickly ascends into music’s main stage with his consistent drops of high-quality releases that continue to push the needle, Lenox evolves with each new song, and “No One Gets Me” ushers in a new era. 

    Johan Lenox makes music that is personal, intimate, relatable, and engaging. His powerful vocals and intricate lyricism stand out throughout the track, while RMR brings his own flavor and delivers it in a way that creates immense replay value. The standout moment of the track is Lenox’s performance on the hook, “…They say they never met me/when I’m still being messy/let ’em all attack me/no one really gets me but you.” Singles like “You Up?” and “No One Gets Me” are stunning introductions that build anticipation for the new album. Check out the new single below.


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