John Soda Shares New Project ‘819’


    Making his way out of Denton, TX and making his second appearance on our page, John Soda delivers his brand new project 819. The 13-track offering only contains 2 features allowing John to craft a body of work that manages to showcase his artistic ability nicely.

    With a monotonic sound, there’s little room for error as John plays to his strengths perfectly. The consistency in production is what allows the young upstart to bring his best foot forward. Each record manages to transition to the next in a way that makes for cohesive listen from beginning to end.

    At face value, the tape is a collection of bangers that any listener can rock with, but further, it’s a captivating account of the life that the rising star has lived to tell the tale. With the new year starting to pick up, make sure you keep John Soda on your radar. Stream the new project down below.