John Soda Shares New Project “Face of The Dead”

    Boasting hard-hitting lyricism and flow like no other, Denton, Texas artist John Soda seizes the attention with his charm and credence. Making his return to the scene, the budding artist delivers his brand new album, Face of The Dead.

    At 12-tracks, the new project continues Soda’s hot streak following a slew of singles he released this year. Face of The Dead is an expression of his daily struggles while simultaneously manifesting the upward progression of his musical career. When asked about what this project means, he told us, “the life and death I’ve been through the past year is what I put into this album.” The project starts with a bang, with the lead track “Unheard,” setting the tone of the project as a whole with high energy and melodic beats that allow Soda’s vocals to really shine throughout. We also have a slower vibe with songs like “Rare” and “Like Me” that create a nice contrast while highlighting his top-tier penmanship. 

    John Soda is an artist creating longevity for himself with this level of musical release. The artist sounds like he found a grove and is comfortable being himself. His music persists in conscious thought along with motivation. Songs like “Wrong” with YGTUT and “Sunset” make him a threat as he continues to keep developing his sound.

    Check out the new project down below.


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