Joony Triumphs Over His Doubters on the Unapologetic “Pretty In Black”

    Success is a lonely road. Envy can pervade and corrupt one’s closest relationships, isolating those who enjoy success. Needless to say, Joony has enjoyed a very successful 2022. His latest album Pretty In Black, thrived in its versatility, while features for Brent Faiyaz, Sainte, and Jordan Ward elevated his visibility to new heights. Not to be confused with his album, his latest single, “Pretty In Black,” sees Joony reveling in his success. However, it bears melancholy undertones as Joony confronts resentment from those wanting to leech off his success.

    Produced by SJR, the track takes little time to build energy. An infectious horn loop dominates the production, complemented by heavy-handed sub-bass and steady trap drums. Joony floats on the beat in his signature, laid-back, occasionally cold-hearted cadence. Although he sounds relaxed, he is both self-assured and paranoid, aware of the consequences of newfound success. During the track’s refrain, he says:

    N***** like, ‘boy, you suck,’ you don’t even pick up your phone / Momma say I’m doing too much, ‘you don’t ever be home’

    His verse further details former encounters with doubters, supplemented by smooth boasts and a bevy of adlibs.

    Although brief, “Pretty In Black,” thrives in its energy and nuance. What could serve as a triumphant banger is moreso a checkpoint in Joony’s career. His life has changed, and you can hear it. Although success is difficult to navigate, Joony has the poise, confidence, and talent to continue growing, no matter how many people tell him he “sucks.”


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