Jordan Hawkins Extends His Hot Streak With “Play”

    I keep finding myself revisiting Jordan Hawkins’ breathtaking performance of “Super Power” on the COLORS Show. An electrifying performance like that deserves to be cemented in internet history. But don’t think that’s all he has to offer. His newest single “Play,” confirms he is still undefeated when paired with his guitar.

    Once you hear this track, you will instantly be hooked. It’s insane hearing Hawkins’ vocals achieve harmonic perfection on parts of this song. He must’ve time traveled to the 70s, the way he recreated that iconic funky, psychedelic sound.

    If you thought the song was fire, the accompanying Vita Esperança Amore-directed video for it plays out just like you expect. They had a brilliant concept with the funkadelic concert and pulled it off smoothly. I love how they were fully committed to giving viewers a vintage experience.

    If you know what’s best for you, go ahead and listen to Jordan Hawkins’ impressive discography. You won’t be disappointed by his musical abilities; he has a wide range of talents, and “Play” adds to his ever-growing catalog of impressive records.


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