Jordan Hawkins’ New Single ‘Risky’ Demands Your Full Attention

    Hailing from North Carolina by way of Los Angeles, Jordan Hawkins has orchestrated something entirely new and entirely him in the world of R&B while still paying homage to those who inspired his sound. Equipped with musical talent that crosses instruments, vocal ranges, and sonic boundaries, he’s become a force to be reckoned with. Produced by Bizness Boi, Mike Hector, and Blake Straus, Hawkins’ new single ‘Risky‘ proves he’s the real deal. His soulful sound will make you have this one on repeat. 

    Speaking on the new release, Hawkins had this to say: “The single was created during quarantine. At that time, I worked with everyone involved in creating the single for probably over 3-6 months (some even longer) separately. Still, I thought that everyone coming together with their sauce would make something amazing.”

    Inspired by a love interest that he met at one of his shows in LA, Hawkins takes these experiences and influences, breathing new life into them, creating a unique one-of-a-kind sound. With his forthcoming EP ‘Heart Won’t Stop‘ slated to release on October 27th, Jordan Hawkins has all the makings of your next favorite artist.

    Listen to Jordan Hawkins’ new song ‘Risky‘ below.


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