Jordan Ward & Joony Flawlessly Link Up for “IDC”

    Once you stop caring about someone you once cared about, you reach the point of no return. It seems like nothing even matters, or nothing can undo or fix the situation. It’s better to lose somebody else than yourself. Healing and moving on seems to be the best form of self-care, and St. Louis artist Jordan Ward makes it look easy to cut loose ends based on his new single, “IDC.”

    There’s no better word to describe this song than nonchalant. Ward appears to be content and at peace with the cards life dealt him. You don’t hear any signs of resentment from him on here because that’s not the type of energy he’s on. He is also joined by fast-rising DMV artist Joony, who is always known for his laid-back delivery that fits perfectly over the track. Both have a chill flow that pairs smoothly with the upbeat/cheerful production. Even though the song is shorter than expected for it only being under two minutes, it has immense replay value. 

    “Some people mad the song is kinda short… man just play that shit again” – Jordan Ward

    The visuals for “IDC” really brought it all together. Directed by Brent Campanelli, the video has many moving parts—from the gigantic suits to the vintage elevator and the symbolic moving truck. It’s incredible how many different shots the team could fit into a much shorter video like this, but they got the job done. 

    As he steps into his new era, Jordan Ward continues to draw acclaim as one of R&B’s rising stars, and there’s no telling what’s next for him. But as long as he keeps making terrific music, I expect more listeners to flock.  

    Stream “IDC” below on Spotify.


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