Jordan Ward’s ‘FORWARD’ Offers a Diverse Soundtrack Catering to Every Mood

    The R&B community is plagued with an argument over the concept of what sound artists should adhere to, often forgetting the roots of R&B are multifaceted and should always be celebrated. We are lucky to have rising artists determined to bring awareness to this by stamping more modern R&B; cue in Jordan Ward. With the release of his fourth project, FORWARD, Ward showcases a new-age masterpiece that highlights the extensive abilities of contemporary R&B artists and their flourishing potential.

    Brought to us through Interscope Records, Ward worked alongside celebrated executive producer Lido to create this new masterpiece with features from Joyce Wrice, Ryan Trey, and more. Ward displays his layered creativity and moves beyond his lyrics in discussing the project’s name. “FORWARD, not only pushing our sound and creativity but pushing to evolve and break cycles. FOR WARD, a dedication to my family and our future. FOUR-WARD, my fourth project, but also a FOREWORD in my story being the first album.”

    With a track for various moods and a lyrical set that allows you to picture an image in your head, Jordan Ward’s FORWARD manages to captivate fans and take them away from the realities of the world, even if just for that short time while they are listening to his voice.

    Outside of the stresses of romance, he addresses the ideas of matching energy and dealing with day-to-day life issues in his feature with Lido, “PRICETAG/BEVERLYWOOD,” before lightening the mood with the upbeat and catchy “DANCE MACHINE.” Interweaving various themes throughout the album, he croons over the woes of being left out and out of luck in love. At the same time, his friends remain happy in their relationships in his collaboration with Gwen Bunn, “311.” Each song is a sonic experiment but ties together into one cohesive project incorporating soul, funk, rock, and hip-hop elements.

    Fellow R&B aficionado Yan Snead tweeted, “Jordan Ward is to R&B what Smino is to hip-hop.” A fitting sentiment as he recently set out on as an accompanying act for Smino and J.I.D’s Luv Is 4Ever Tour. He continues to garner attention for his eclectic sound and creative lyricism.

    His lead singles have already made their way to larger discussions, with “WHITE CROCS” making its way to Billboard’s Fresh Picks of the Week and “CHERIMOYA” aiding Ward to a spot on Complex’s list of Artists to Watch in 2023, it is made apparent that he has started to propel to the frontline of today’s modern R&B artists that are a force to be reckoned with.

    Listen to Jordan Ward’s FORWARD below.


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