Josh Levi Takes Fans Deeper Into His World With “Disc Two (Scratched Up)”

    With genuine adoration for his listeners who continue to praise his 2022 EP, Josh Levi finally shares a handful of new songs in the deluxe version. He continues to find new ways to express his experiences with love, toxicity, and self-confidence. Disc Two (Scratched Up) leads fans through the world that he has already put on display.

    He picks up where he left off with the original tracklist. Similar to the experiences of an unhealthy love with the original track “NASA,” he kicks off the deluxe with “SEE LOW.” In this, he introduces us to the story of a woman he has started to feel a detachment from. Expressing deep vulnerability as he becomes despondent and yearns for them to reconnect. 

    He sings about how he continues to love her though the feelings no longer seem mutual. “I want your mind, I need you back babe / Carrying your love, it gives me back pains.”

    “Disc Two (Scratched Up)” cover art

    Flowing into the next two tracks, we reach a different mental space. Levi enters a frame of confidence in himself and his ability to get what he wants in “EGO.” Maintaining the late-night-drive vibe that he is well known for, “BIRTHDAY DANCE” starts slowly and transitions into a light-hearted bop you can’t sit still to. Closing out with a sped-up version of the original song “ALL OVER AGAIN,” he makes it a point to end on a high note.

    Josh Levi shares that this project was his way of bringing fans more of his heart by sharing more of his stories. Releasing the deluxe version almost a year after the date that the original was shared, he ties the two together perfectly. Giving fans just a little bit more to hold onto as he closes this chapter.

    Stream Josh Levi’s Disc Two (Scratched Up) below:


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