Justend and Joe Aste Let All Emotions Loose on Collab Project ‘Psychoworld’

    Justend doesn't hold back what's clouding his thoughts in his new project.

    As the evolution of culture occurs, that also includes the evolution of music. But have you ever thought, just maybe, a lot of our terminology is also outdated? Listening to ‘Psychoworld’ made me wonder if the word genre needs addressing? Upcoming artists like Justend are moving away from formulaic projects by not constricting themselves to one genre. As versatile as they come, there are elements of summer rock, pop, R&B, and hip-hop. How can streaming platforms find a better way of categorizing when we continue to have such projects, including multiple genres?

    Entirely produced by Joe Aste, the chemistry between these two is on point. Believe me when I say that this duo is fearless in its approach to this project. From the jump, the intro song ‘numbers’ hypnotizes you. After a smooth guitar solo, Justend grabs the steering wheel of the song and takes you for a late-night cruise with the windows down. Dope production brings the best out-of-dope songwriters, and they go hand-and-hand. But matching each other’s energies with no help from any features is impressive.

    With a daringly titled “psychoworld” project, the music does exactly that. Justend doesn’t shy away from being vulnerable and owns his faults. The content is filled with heartfelt messages that have you wondering where it all went wrong in his relationships. Songs like ‘sinful’ and ‘last summer’ are two great examples. 

     If you didn’t have the eventful Valentine’s Day like everyone else, this is the project for you. You still feel fulfilled at a brief runtime of 12 minutes and only five songs because it all sounds cohesive.

    Check out the new project below via Spotify and head over here for your preferred streaming service.


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