Jyou Speaks From the Heart on Newly Released Single “Nest”

    How does a baby bird know when it’s ready to leave its nest? Weirdly enough, it doesn’t. It just goes with its gut instinct. I want to think that the same logic applies to artists releasing music. Take emerging TN artist Jyou, for example. His newly released single, “Nest” couldn’t come at a better time.

    Trusting his intuition, he was able to gift listeners a song that was near and dear to his heart. Taken off his upcoming album Living on the Edge, “Nest” will resonate with people at the crossroads of their lives. Putting his guard down, Jyou’s raw emotions are on full display as he opens up about experiences in his life.

    The accompanying music video for the track truly helped bring it all together. Directed by Duck, the colorless visuals perfectly capture the song’s mood and message. Besides that, viewers are shown various scenes of Jyou in his hometown, reminiscing on his life so far.

    Check out the new video for “Nest” below.


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