KA3 – More Feelings Review

    Charlotte NC artist KA3 starts her 2022 year off sprinting with the release of her newest EP, “More Feelings.”

    Following the release of her 2021 project “Feelings Inside Not Expressed,” KA3 walks into a new chapter of her career with an all-new outlook and her image, content, and the overall sound of her vibe. With “More Feelings,” KA3 steps out of a personally-wrapped cocoon to showcase the rewards of aligning your work patiently and vigorously. 

    This 3-track project is an amazing reference of a new sound derived from the older styles of KA3 with a mix of the new mindset KA3 has brought with her music for the new year. 

    Songs like “Evernote Thoughts” and “Ivy Park Flows” allow KA3 to dive deeper into the mind state of who she is and how life is treating her post the release of her last project. Still attempting to put her talent on the frontlines of the music industry, KA3 presents an innate hunger to be a greatest of all time artist—and not just for herself, but for those who support her and see the potential success growing within her. 

    While the first and last track represents a new mindset for KA3, the second track, “Malibu Vibes,” represents a somewhat new iteration of a sound previously experimented with on her previous project. To see it now in the form of “Malibu Vibes” shows constant growth with KA3 but her ability to stay close to her inspirations—experimenting with what she does best rather than going out on a limb and trying something completely new. 

    In its entirety, the EP demonstrates a bit of nostalgia. Some of what you may hear in this new KA3 resembles past work, but it is a continuance of the past work. Instead of getting a sequel, the director decided to bring you a new movie with similar themes. As you listen to “More Feelings,” be sure to catch your own and further experiment on the potential greatness within you. 

    Stream “More Feelings” below via Spotify, and follow her on Twitter & Instagram for more updates on music. 


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