Kai Blu’s “Violent” May Be His Most Exciting and Personal Single Yet

    Atlanta-based artist Kai Blu’s “Violent” is the first single released off his upcoming project “Death By A Lover.” the single depicts what one goes through after losing their significant other to someone else. The pain caused is easily personified with anger, one of the first stages of grief. The happy pop and indie-influenced production juxtapose the anger depicted in the lyrics to reflect the confusing emotions behind the heartbreak everybody feels. Speaking on the single, Blu shared:

    “The idea stemmed from the viral quote for one to “choose violence.” I thought about all the times I ever chose or wanted to choose violence. In reality, I’m a calm person, and it takes a lot to get me upset. The end of a relationship was the only situation that came to mind when I was pulled to act out of my character. I wanted to personify that feeling of choosing violence in a song. The feeling of being in love but heartbroken. That feeling of crazy drives you to justify all your actions to feel sane.”

    A talent such as Kai Blu’s won’t remain hidden behind anonymity for long. His music evokes strong emotions, overwhelmingly comforting and warm in delivery. Everything about this release is expressive, from his powerful vocals to mcx’s production. Check out the new single below.


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