Kalel’s Mesmerizing ‘Fiesta’ EP is Finally Here

    Kalel’s sound is an engrossing fusion between R&B and hip-hop, creating a sound and vibe all his own. He gave us a glimpse of his sound on Dance Floor Antics and this time around he returns with his newly released EP Fiesta.

    His appreciation for R&B is noteworthy and comes through in the gratifying melodies that give Fiestas its infectious flow. Yet, his voice is a result of influence from some of his idols. There’s a tender grit there. With Fiesta Kalel throws himself into an acutely adventurous side of alt R&B/hip-hop music. His is an affable take on a love song that he has dared to lend a slight edge. And what a win. Stream the new EP down below.


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