Kamal Wilson Calls on Ramon Cristwell To Remind Everyone the Simplicity of Love with “First Sight”

    Hailing from Orange County, Kamal Wilson’s emergence into the R&B/soul space has been nothing short of impressive. Coming off his last release, “Expensive (feat. Mother Wata),” a great blend of R&B and hip-hop sounds, Kamal Wilson’s openness to exploring different styles is evident, and his versatility as an artist and wordsmith continues to showcase with every release.

    For this release, Kamal Wilson calls on Ramon Cristwell to help complete and share a simple yet necessary message of the purest form of human emotion; love. Produced by the talented Waseel, the track is beautifully constructed with silky chords that flawlessly glaze over some groovy drums that bring the lyrics to life. “Can you feel it / Can you sense it / I might fall in love at first sight” over passionate sonics, Kamal Wilson and Waseel create something that undeniably prompts emotion and connection within listeners.

    The beautiful thing about tuning into rising artists like Kamal Wilson is being able to follow their evolution and getting the opportunity to witness the different stages of experimentation they encounter with their art. R&B fans everywhere have much to look forward to with the release of “First Sight.”

    Listen and watch the new video for “First Sight” below:


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