Kam’geez Talks Big Money on His Anticipated Project “Charge It To The Game”

    Kam’geez is the definition of a self-made artist, making his mark in the music scene one track at a time. After giving us a taste of big singles with high-quality visuals like “Racks Coming In,” “Too Much Pride,” “Nothing Like It,” and his latest “Pull Up,” the Boston rapper boasts hard-hitting lyricism and flow like no other. Taking sonic cohesion to the next level, his long-awaited new project, Charge It To The Game, makes every song feel connected, purposeful, and complimentary of one another.

    At 10-tracks, although heavy themes are discussed and lyrics worth dissecting, the project is all about the feel-good flow and energy it channels. The title track does what any great intro track should do, setting the tone perfectly and allowing Kam’geez to invite listeners in with optimistic lyricism. Tracks like “From The Start,” which features one of the best instrumentals we’ve heard this year, showcase a rhythmic confidence and laid-back approach that puts Kam’geez’s full artistry on display. “Racks Coming In” is a brilliant illustration of what Kam’geez offers the music landscape.

    Kam’Geez – Credit: Xandros

    Combining his clear talent for songwriting and ear for production, Charge It To The Game sees Kam’geez thriving with a new artistic vision. More than just an impressive feat of musical talent, the project’s relatable lyrics resonate on a personal level. The budding artist discusses hardship, self-confidence issues, anxiety, and more. These are emotions we’ve all felt on some level in the past couple of years, and Kam’geez’s commentary on these universal experiences is sharp and poignant. Charge It To The Game is a powerful project that showcases Kam’geez’s talent and the inner workings of his personality.

    On top of his lyrical prowess, Kam’geez’s determination is apparent in his music. In its entirety, the project is an excellent blend of familiar hip-hop sounds mixed with alluring moments that set it apart from the rest. The subtle vocal layering, gorgeous instrumental peeking out behind the beat, and Kam’geez’s impressive flow all contribute to Charge It To The Game being an overall standout body of work.

    Check out the new project below. 


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