Kansas City’s Blackstarkids Deliver Their New LP ‘Whatever, Man’

    DIY colletive Blackstarkids consisting of; TheBabeGabe, Deiondre, and TyFaizon have just released their newest album ‘Whatever, Man‘ – out on via Dirty Hit.

    At 10-songs in length, the band happily immerses listeners into their world—one filled with fun lyricism that becomes easily consumed through addictive instrumentation choices, be it synths or punky performances that bring a unique spin to their artistry. Pop is often unfairly equated with being one-dimensional, however, Whatever, Man exhibits why that is absolutely not the case. Each track is carefully crafted showcasing the collective’s range. Fan favorites like “BRITNEY BITCH” and “ACTING NORMAL” do a good job of capturing the album’s sound while tracks like “FRANKIE MUNIZ” and “CIGARETTES” display a more laid-back tone, alluding to their versatility.

    Most songs on the album are stuffed with diverging melodies and dense instrumentation. But Blackstarkids is such an adept group and accomplished collective that the excesses are part of the appeal. If you’re unfamiliar with the emerging acts, make sure to give this one a spin because they have star potential. Stream the new album down below.


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