KASIMTHEDREAM Taps Into His Southern Roots on Debut Project ‘DREAMSTATE’

    KASIMTHEDREAM pushes the southern rap sound with his energetic yet laidback choice of delivery. His debut project, ‘DREAMSTATE,’ demonstrates that entirely. At 8-songs, the project spans 23 minutes and focuses on knowing yourself and the changes that come with growth. Sonically, the project showcases Kasim’s love and remembrance of his southern roots. Thematically the album represents Kasim’s decision to move from his small town of Beaumont, Texas, to the intense, fame-chasing city of Los Angeles. Kasim finds balance in life he’s still figuring out.

    The intro track “SCREWED” is a reflection of his own self-discovery and growth. The production throughout the project is simple yet sufficiently supports Kasim’s storytelling and vivid lyricism. Using his past writing experiences and a variety of influences to create a personal project, Kasim introduces himself to the world as an introspective individual with strong technical ability and charisma.

    ‘DREAMSTATE’ is another step closer to Kasim being recognized by the broad audience he deserves. Check out the new project below.


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