Kay Anthony Is Once Again Proving Himself as an Artist to Watch With “Float”

    Flatbush, Brooklyn-based artist Kay Anthony delivers his highly anticipated new single, “Float.” This hauntingly beautiful track marks Anthony’s first release under his distribution deal with Create Music Group. With its introspective nature, the song courageously explores the depths of the human experience, offering raw and honest lyrics combined with atmospheric and moody instrumentation.

    “Float” delves into the shadowy corners of human emotions, shining a light on the complexities and struggles that we all face. With thought-provoking and introspective lyrics, Anthony fearlessly confronts these darker aspects of life, creating a space for listeners to connect with their own experiences of pain, loneliness, and introspection.

    Produced by Angelo Imani, “Float” boasts a mellow beat that serves as the foundation for the track’s atmospheric and moody instrumentation. The seamless fusion of various elements, such as the ethereal soundscapes and delicate piano melodies, creates a dreamlike sonic landscape that envelops the listener. The careful attention to detail in the production ensures that every sound has a purpose, enhancing the emotional impact of the song.

    Listen and watch the video for “Float” below.


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