Kayo Daringly Wears His Emotions on a Sleeve on His New Single ‘Talk’

    Knowing what I know now, I could’ve possibly salvaged a couple of relationships in my life if I was better at expressing my thoughts. I wish Kayo had released this song a couple of years ago to help me realize that communication could’ve easily solved many problems. ‘Talk,’ the second single off his upcoming album, not only shows he is wiser than his age, but a talent that will soon be one to be reckoned with for his impeccable lyrics containing a meaningful substance. The record blends so well with dope production in the vain of other fellow Chicago artists like Chance the Rapper.

    Speaking on the release, Kayo shared that ‘Talk’ was a record he made to “encapsulate the rollercoaster of a ride a relationship really is.” It didn’t take long for him to make the song, as it was based on real-life experiences. The instrumental, produced by Wildlife Willy and Ro Marsalis, was patiently waiting in his notes app to be used. Once he was done arguing with his significant other about always being occupied with work, all the subject matter he needed was there, and the song wrote itself.

    I like to call Kayo’s style of music R&B-rap. Not too brash but also not too simpy like most R&B singers. The calm and gentle beat goes well with the personal lyrics, allowing him to vent his frustrations like we are witnessing him in couples therapy. He has just the right amount of emotion and sensitivity as an artist that fans from both genres will love. The perfect blend of the two genres gives you a Goldilocks result. 

    If these two singles indicate what to expect from the album, I think we will be in store for something special. Until the wait is over, check out the new single below.


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