KBFR Plays It Cool on “Winter Time 2”

    Philly’s KBFR seems like an artist who always keeps good music on standby. This is something you can’t say for every artist. From the outside looking in, I’d have to imagine coming off a massive hit like his 2018 banger “Hood Baby” would be difficult. But KBFR has had no difficulties following it up with even more quality music, such as his 2022 sleeper project, For Real. Feeling extra festive this time of the year, he gifted fans Winter Time 2.

    This 6-song EP is supplied with enough heat to keep us warm all winter. I know better than to get excited about projects that release near the end of the year because they are usually packed with throwaways. But the tracks here are surprisingly different, making it worth checking out.

    For example, in a song like “6 Way” he slows things down to go beneath the surface as he glides over the production. The abstract instrumental allows him to confide with his listeners comfortably. On the other hand, tracks like “Bestfriend” reassure him that he can still make a hard-hitting single with immense replay value. 

    What I like most about this project is how it shows that KBFR can’t be boxed in. His underrated lyricism forces you to take him more seriously, yet he can still be his usual, fun self. And for that reason, you should keep your eyes peeled for what KBFR does this year.

    Listen to Winter Time 2 below:


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