Tone Corlyone’s Latest EP “Keep Working” Showcases His Multi-Talented Artistry

    New York City has always been a breeding ground for exceptional talent, and Tone Corlyone, a Bronx native, stands out as a true multi-talented artist. His latest EP, Keep Working, is a testament to his passion, resilience, and dedication to his craft. The EP, comprising eight tracks with a total runtime of 21 minutes, showcases Tone Corlyone’s life experiences, street awareness, and relentless pursuit of his dreams.

    Within the captivating collection of Keep Working, listeners are treated to diverse tracks that encapsulate Tone Corlyone’s versatility as an artist. Songs like “Love Lost” and “Don’t Worry” showcase his melodic side, where heartfelt emotions are laid bare. These tracks resonate with listeners on a deeper level, connecting them to the artist’s personal struggles and triumphs.

    On the other hand, “Pressure” and “On 24” display Corlyone’s gritty, lethal flow and cadence. Fueled by the harsh realities of his life, these tracks serve as a powerful reminder of his unyielding determination to succeed despite the adversities he has faced.

    Closing with finesse, “Wasn’t In It” stands tall as the EP’s final track. It beautifully summarizes Tone Corlyone’s journey, encapsulating his unrelenting drive to stay on his pivot and achieve greatness against all odds.

    “‘Keep Working’ is the expression of fighting adversity. It takes a strong mind, work ethic, and outright luck to make it out of poverty, just as it does for anyone seeking success, whether that be sports or any other endeavor,” says Corlyone as he reflects on the significance of his EP. Each track is a testament to his struggles, the challenges he conquered, and the perseverance that keeps him going.

    Tone Corlyone’s music exudes classic New York bravado and energy. His punch lines, hooks, and bars are not just catchy but also convey impactful and interesting messages within the music. He effortlessly blends storytelling with raw emotions, leaving listeners captivated by the authenticity of his lyrics.

    Listen to Keep Working below.


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