Kelow LaTesha Releases New Video for Super Infectious Single ‘Genius’

    Kelow LaTesha defies the stigmas, labels, ideologies, and pre-determinations of today’s hip-hop. Being a fixture in the DMV rap scene, she has ascended to become a dynamic artist with the uncanny ability to transport her fans both sonically and visually with a thoughtfully crafted aesthetic. 

    Kelow LaTesha recently shared ‘Genius,’ her first new single of 2022, and now follows the track up with a vibrant new video in partnership with SoundCloud’s “First on SoundCloud” Class of 2022. Directed by Tyler B Studios with creative direction from BUTTA (aka Kelow), ‘Genius’ is a self-affirmation that while there may be people out there trying to knock you down and questioning your skills, you have to believe in your abilities and your passion. “Sometimes people want to downplay what you do, make you feel small, and minimize what you give to the world, but they watch what you are doing, and they want to really be like you,” notes Kelow. “You should never doubt yourself. You should trust yourself – you’re the one that’s the genius.” 

    Prior to the release of ‘Genius,’ Kelow had garnered acclaim and a range of fans thanks to her definitive album, 2019’s TSA, which showed off her ability to transcend genres and consistently innovate and was followed closely by TSA Deluxe in 2020 featuring one of the region’s leading rappers, Rico Nasty. She first began to build buzz with the success of her Amethyst Stoner EP and its adrenaline-fuelled tune ‘Finna,’ which became a viral hit on SoundCloud and was later transformed into a charismatic remix featuring Lil Uzi Vert. 

    Kelow LaTesha shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon, and ‘Genius’ is one of those records that only makes her stock rise more. Check out the new video below, and make sure to keep the fast-rising artist on your radar. 


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