Kelso Melrose and 812 Dolo Effortlessly Connect on Collab Project

    Indiana-based artist Kelso Melrose shares a versatile debut EP called Kelso x Dolo Tape with 812 Dolo. This 15-song project delivers infectious melodies atop smooth, bright instrumentation. The new project helped build his momentum in the underground and beyond, Kelso x Dolo Tape finds him presenting an addictive melodic hip-hop sound that refreshes and engages with each song and enhances and embellishes Melrose’s signature sound.

    The EP opens with “Hop In,” which contains energetic, bouncy instrumentation that underlies Melrose’s’ catchy vocal performance. Building throughout the song’s run time, “Set the stage” follows the opener and makes for an exciting follow-up highlighting Melrose’s smooth vocals with a stylish, airy sound. The project closes out with the atmospheric sounds of “Zone,” where he delivers a reflective and soothing release.

    Kelso Melrose and 812 Dolo’s latest release, Kelso x Dolo Tape, makes for a diverse release overall that builds successfully upon Melrose’s genre-bending sound of his last project, Rockheartcafe. This offering presents a refreshing blend of influences, delivered with focused songwriting and memorable melodies that beckon multiple re-listens.


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