Kelso Melrose Is Ready to Make His Mark With New Project “Rockheartcafe”

    The musical mind of rising Indiana-based artist Kelso Melrose resides in a different dimension than most. A quick listen through the young creative’s discography and his flair for manifesting otherworldly sonic textures, and transportive musical experiences become indisputably clear. This is proudly displayed in Melrose’s new project “Rockheartcafe,” an otherworldly offering featuring his distinct style of alternative rap and rock sound.

    At 9-tracks, each song on the project is vastly unique and characterized by the opening track. “‘Pulp Fiction’ was the first song recorded before I knew I would be making a project, and I knew instantly I had something special in the making,” Melrose shared about the record. Throughout every second of “Rockheartcafe,” Melrose seems to be searching inward, hoping to uncover something greater than he has ever heard from the outside world. The result is a project unafraid to turn on its heels at a moment’s notice to explore a widely disparate range of sonics.

    In its entirety, “Rockheartcafe” is a project that bears its fractured heart and soul under the pretense of not caring about what the outside world may think. With an inspiring background, refreshing sound, and overall rousing talent, Kelso Melrose might have what it takes to pioneer a new era of alternative rap and rock.


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