Kenarri Does a Complete Makeover on Her New Single “Done Up”

    Kenarri is finally back with her latest single “Done Up.” First, if you aren’t hip to her music, she is one of my favorite lyricists in the new-age ATL scene. Her ability to rip apart verses with her mesmerizing flow and soothing melodies intrigued me when I first listened to her 2021 EP “The Only Way Out is Through.” A year later, she pops back on the scene with her most liberated release by far.

    You can tell when an artist has amazing chemistry with their producer because it shows. The beat is produced by Kenny Stuntin, and every time these two assemble, they never fail to make magic. Kenarri understands that all things weren’t meant to last forever and is not afraid to put her pride aside. Inspired by her real-life experiences, she expresses how she put herself back together after being derailed by life.

    “The story I want to rewrite is that, as a woman, I don’t have to tolerate that. I don’t have to put up with things that make me feel less—even if I love them.” — Kenarri

    One thing for certain, two things for sure, she put her best foot forward on her first release of 2022. Her lyrical content has progressed even more to a point where she seems wiser than her years. On top of that, her rapping skills have advanced to another level since the last time we heard her. She confidently approaches this empowering track with an extended clip of bars.

    I expect a big year for Kenarri and have faith in her development as an artist. Listen to her new single below.


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