Kenny Mason Got That Dog in Him in Newly Released EP “PUP PACK”

    Atlanta’s Kenny Mason deserves all your attention. The way I see it, I can’t even say he got next because this isn’t new behavior exhibited by Kenny. For a while, he’s been leading the pack of next-gen lyrical rappers. But as of recently, Kenny has been on a tear, especially with his recent collabs with fellow Atlantan J.I.D on songs like “Dance Now” and “Stick.” Finally, he has blessed the world with his fire new EP, “PUP PACK.”

    With a runtime of 8-minutes, this EP is short and sweet. Starting from the intro track, “Halloween,” Kenny doesn’t waste time setting the tone. The young artist excels at having the perfect blend of rap and rock, appealing to the youth movement. It’s something about the hook of this song that just sweeps you off your feet.

    My personal favorite track has to be the single, “Dip.” It features a verse and production by another Atlanta artist who has been making a lot of traction, DavidTheTragic. These are the type of organic collaborations that I live for. Two artists from the same city teaming up to make dope music. This song feels like it was made for introverts across the world. As a proud homebody myself, they embody that there’s no place better than home. I’m just like Kenny, “If I ain’t f*cking with the function/Imma dip.”

    It might be time to retire the Lil Pup moniker for Kenny if he continues to dominate songs like these. This short EP is merely a glimpse of what’s to come in the near future for him. Be sure to check out “Pup Pack” below to witness his rise to stardom.


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