Kevin Holliday Release Innovative Funk/R&B New Offering ‘Out of Me’

    An equally-stunning music video accompanies the record

    Kevin Holliday’s ability to craft complex melodies that are unheard of, paired with his intimate lyricism, has always intrigued me as a fan of male vocalists who have smooth voices. Now, the Brooklyn artist is back on the scene with a new song and video that may be his most polished and purest work that we have seen thus far. ‘Out of Me’ is a testament to Holliday’s innovative spirit as he refuses to slot his music into genre-defining boxes. Throughout the record, Holliday’s sultry melody sweetly compliments his intimate lyricism as he takes a dip into vulnerability.

    Speaking on the release, Kevin Holliday had this to share. “‘Out of Me’ came at a time when I was having trouble discerning between dreams and reality.”

    In addition to the record, the accompanying Cam Demars-directed video takes viewers on a trip down memory lane for Holliday as we explore the neighborhood that helped make him the person he is today. The visuals fit the song perfectly, and the way he joyrides his voice is mellow like he is chilling in the clouds. When Holiday takes this pleasant experience to nature, he utilizes a glistening disco ball to represent a more profound meaning. My artistic interpretation of the disco ball is in relation to the theme of the song, which is about being taken out of your element. However, you still have to stay in touch with reality and who you are, which is why I think he shot the video in his hometown. There’s no better way to ground yourself than the place where you created your fondest memories.

    Treat yourself to some Kevin Holliday music to set your week off right. If you enjoy sedative R&B songs mixed with a bit of funk and soul, ‘Out of Me’ is a safe bet. Check out the new video below, and remember the name, Kevin Holliday.


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