Khary Unveils His Upcoming Album and Releases Its Lead Single “Say My Peace”

    Today, alternative hip-hop artist Khary has made a splash with the release of “Say My Peace,” the lead single from his upcoming album “A Desperate Attempt To Love Everything.” Produced by Mike Irish, the single is accompanied by a Jonathan Benavente-directed music video that showcases Khary’s signature “weird” style, as he appears in an oversized suit and a neon green wig. Despite its playful and nostalgic production, the track is filled with serious self-reflection and introspection, setting the tone for the overall message that Khary aims to convey throughout the album. Speaking on the single, Khary had this to share: 

    “It’s easy to forget that we’re all on our own timelines in a world consumed by social media. We constantly compare ourselves to what others look like, where they are in life, and their achievements. We often look at ourselves as freaks. But it’s okay to be a freak when you accept yourself for who you are. Freaks are those that don’t abide by all of society’s standards and move at their own pace. Freaks spark many of the innovations that change the world. Major cities like New York and California often become the stomping grounds for freaks to thrive in. Self-acceptance is the message here.”

    “Say My Peace” is a significant release for Khary and serves as a launchpad, giving fans a taste of what’s to come from his highly anticipated album. Additionally, it serves as a prelude to Khary’s headlining tour, which will take place from April 29th to May 24th.

    Check out the music video for “Say My Peace” below.


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