Khi Infinite & His Producer-Father, Nottz, Bond Through Music In New Single “Father-Son”

    Known for his unique blend of hip-hop, R&B, and alternative influences, emerging artist Khi Infinite describes himself as a “chameleon,” seamlessly navigating various musical genres while staying true to his artistic vision. Originally from Norfolk, VA, Infinite started refining his skills from a young age, drawing inspiration from his environment, personal encounters, and his musically inclined family.

    Raised in a family of creatives, Infinite is the son of Grammy-winning hip-hop producer Nottz (A.K.A. Nottz Raw / Dominic Lamb), whose musical legacy served as a guiding blueprint for Infinite. Their recent collaboration under the moniker The Lamb Archive marks a significant moment for the father-son duo.

    In his latest track “Father-Son,” Khi Infinite channels his father’s voice, delivering messages of truth and empowerment over a classic Nottz instrumental, full of soul samples and stank-face worthy snares and kicks. A breath of fresh air at a time when it feels like so much negativity surrounds us in art, Nottz and Khi Infinite’s collaboration stands as a flagship example of how families of creatives can use art to bring one another closer together.

    Peep the new single below.


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