King Tahoe Brings a Fresh Sound With “The Show, The Afterparty, The Hotel”

    Oakland, California’s King Tahoe is on a mission to bring a fresh sound to his region this summer. Known for his pursuit of perfection in his craft, Tahoe is ready to let loose and have fun in 2023. This change in perspective is evident in his latest single “The Show, The Afterparty, The Hotel,” produced by Tajin415.

    Tahoe’s musical journey took an exciting turn when he organized a collaborative session with his friends from the Bay Area to work on his new tape, E.S.O.DECI. During that session, Tajin415 played a mesmerizing beat, instantly catching Tahoe’s attention and inspiring him to create an unforgettable hook. As the session progressed, a second beat seamlessly blended with the first, leading to the decision to transform the track into a captivating two-part song. Tahoe recalls, “I took the conjoined beat home to write, and the rest is history. This represents a new sound and an exciting new wave while still staying true to the essence of Tahoe.”

    With “The Show, The Afterparty, The Hotel,” King Tahoe presents a refreshing sound that embodies his artistic evolution. With this record, Tahoe created a song that captured the essence of his vision, while E.S.O.DECI further solidified his status as an Oakland trailblazer, ready to lead his region into a new wave of music.

    Listen to “The Show, The Afterparty, The Hotel” below.


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