Kiree 3600 Interview: The Suffolk, VA Artist Discusses New Album “Munna World 2” & More

    As emerging artists gain full control of music in 2023, Kiree 3600, a native of Suffolk, VA, has entered the fray. His incredible achievements over the past year, which include several well-matched projects and significant visuals to satisfy his fans, contributed to his success. Kiree 3600’s clever, fast-paced rhymes are a defining characteristic that distinguishes him as a remarkable talent. As he gains more notoriety, he continues to set the bar higher for himself, as evidenced by his latest release, Munna World 2. The second installment in an emergent series is a dynamic showcase of the Virginia native’s emphatic abilities as a lyricist. The tasteful project is filled with an assemblage of cutting-edge verses to assist in narrating the overall tone.

    Munna World 2 begins with a roaring sensation, “Thinking Bout Me.” Kiree fiercely stakes his claim as a name to be attentive to. His boastfulness on the record seeps into the rest of an impressive project. With the assistance of a stunning variety of production, there’s an exciting aura felt throughout. Each of the eleven records has distinct characteristics, which produces difficulty in choosing a favorite song. 1realfatty and Young Crazy also provide listeners with notable guest verses.

    Kiree 3600’s unwavering self-assurance has always been evident, but now he’s making it clear to us that Munna World 2 is his most exceptional project to date. I recently had the chance to sit down with Kiree 3600 to talk all things Munna World 2, connecting with Pharrell at the Mighty Dream Forum, and more. Check out the full interview below.

    We have a very special guest with us. I’m going to let him introduce himself, and we’ll get right into it!

    It’s the boy Kiree 3600. “The Last Hope.” What it do?

    How would you describe the process involved in creating Munna World 2?

    When I go into the studio, I never go in with that intention. I do set a number of songs to make in a session, though. Depending on what vibe I’m going for, I’ll pick songs in a separate studio session that I believe will work for certain projects.

    At what point did you decide that eleven tracks was the appropriate number?

    I already knew I wanted to do more songs and make Munna World 2 longer than my previous projects. It took me about a week or two to put the tracklist together for this one. The songs on there sound good together.

    You connected with Pharrell at the Mighty Dream Forum. What was the experience like being able to tell more of your story?

    It was a blessing being able to tell my story and be recognized by a legend. I don’t notice when people are paying attention to what I’m doing, but I’m always grateful.

    As an up-and-coming artist making strides, you probably have many people on a day-to-day basis asking you about something music related. How do you cope?

    I try to disconnect from anything music-related. I like to do things that don’t have me sitting down, like hooping, drawing, or exercising. I appreciate that people are curious because I could honestly have nobody. They keep me driven.

    What makes you consider Munna World 2 your most significant project so far?

    The self-growth I’ve seen in myself throughout this process. Also, being able to give the people more music. Munna World 2 has no skips, which is why I’m excited and confident in it.

    Do you have a favorite song on the album?

    I got two. “Thinking Bout Me” and “Don’t Know Why.” They’re real stand-out records.

    What message or impression do you hope listeners will get from Munna World 2 when they hit the play button?

    I want the people to feel every emotion and the energy I put into this project. I got very personal. That’s what I want them to take away from it.

    Do you plan to release more music this year?

    Absolutely. We’re working. Munna World 2 is just “the now.” I’ve got plenty of music and visuals on the way this year.

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